fisher cat fiber co.


Our Yarns

We see our yarns from sheep to market, working directly with small local farms where we know our shepherds by name. After sheering, fleeces are sent out to local mills to be processed into luxury yarns. Some yarns are offered in their natural color and others are naturally dyed with locally foraged plants, mushroom and lichens, all sustainably harvested.


Hurd is our signature yarn. Tunis wool raised just three miles from our studio and milled in upstate NY. The Tunis breed originates from Tunisian Barbarin sheep, a breed that dates back to Biblical times. It's warm in color and has a bit of luster that adds to the results when dyed. A versatile wool, it is suitable for all fiber techniques from knitting, crocheting and weaving.


River is a Mill spun Border Leicester wool from Carpe Dream Farm, Wyoming County PA where the Susquehanna River winds it way from end to end. Border Leicester originated in Northern England on the border of Scotland and was thought to be introduced to the United States by George Washington. A longwool breed known for its versatility and crimp, it can be used both for clothing as well as household textiles.