fisher cat fiber co.

A life long student of nature, the outdoors, and the ancient practice of living, working, dyeing, and cultivating the bounty that the earth gives us. A teacher of unlocking the secrets of nature and using what the land provides to add joy and usefulness to life. And always ready with a smile to pass on her knowledge to generations to come.

A weaver and natural dyer working from her home studio in Sullivan County New York, Annie specializes in sustainable fibers and naturally dyed local wool. Established in 2009, fisher cat fiber co was created as a way to focus on using salvaged materials to create one of a kind rag rugs, all woven in the traditional style on a 1940s Union Loom. Over the past ten years Annie expanded her weaving into creating simple, understated wearable pieces from local wool or vestige fibers. Every piece is handcrafted from start to finish.

A lifelong student of nature, the outdoors and the ancient practice of natural dyeing, Annie has developed a strong knowledge of regional dyes sourced from the Western Catskills. Establishing a sustainable fiber-shed where wool is sourced from local farms to create yearly small batch yarns.